Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in late November CPAG the Concert Series made the difficult decision to cancel all scheduled shows, including the entire 2021 CPAG Concert Series scheduled from January through April, 2021.

*** UPDATE - June 25, 2021***

All refunds for 2021 Season Tickets have been completed!

Obviously a lot has changed since the last concert, and restarting the series presents a number of challenges, not the least of which is staffing the board of directors and volunteers for the shows.  If you're interested in volunteering for either, please let us know!  We'll be looking into the possibilities in the coming days and weeks, and when more information is available, we'll post it on the website, Facebook, voicemail and in a mass email.  Stay tuned!

Your opinion matters!  Please let us know when (or if) you would feel comfortable attending a concert in the future.

Thanks for your support throughout the years, and during this difficult time.

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